Ascendion Law offers several online services to support our clients.

The Help Centre provides legal information, advice, and support to our clients.  We post numerous detailed articles covering corporate governance, employment law, intellectual property, litigation, and many others.  From our Help Centre, our clients can also get support on how we work with our clients and suppliers.

Our Document Centre offers a library of commonly used document precedents and provisions commonly used in business.

From our Client Care Centre, clients get direct access to their project information.  They can view all of the tasks, communications, invoicing, and payment information online.

Our BCSC Penalty Database is Canada’s largest publicly available repository of enforcement decisions issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission — a public service for our clients in the financial dealer industry.

Please let us know if there are any other resources that we can offer.


The information contained in the Ascendion Law Help Centre are general only.  Ascendion Law cautions that visitors may not be able to rely the information to govern their specific situation.  The information service is intended as a general service to the business community.  Ascendion Law disclaims all liability and responsibility for the accuracy, validity, and relevancy of the information given.

The sample legal content, agreements, clauses, and provisions, are not intended to be legal advice.

Ascendion Law will only respond to questions given to us that are general in nature.  Questions should be posed to us in the hypothetical.  We will not respond to inquiries where there may be a potential legal dispute and where a counterparty has been identified.