Gina Lupino In The Hot Seat Podcast

Gina Lupino Talks Intellectual Property Law – In The Hot Seat Podcast

When it comes to Intellectual Property Law, there are a number of questions central to the topic. The most common question being: how does the process work? Here at Ascendion Law, we have your questions covered. Recently, Ascendion Law’s Gina Lupino shared her background and valuable insights on Intellectual Property Law and the art of being a businesswoman on Conny Millard’s podcast, In The Hot Seat.

In the podcast, Gina helps break down the ins and outs of Intellectual Property Law, providing user-friendly ways of distinguishing business versus product, corporate strategy, trademarks and registration.

Having had her start in mechanical engineering, it wasn’t until Gina was handed a patent from her professor that this area of study peaked her interest. She then started her research into patent law, which quickly turned Gina’s focus to Intellectual Property Law and we guess you could say the rest is history.

Gina plays an instrumental role at Ascendion Law in protecting your business assets and is often called upon to provide professional guidance through common law rights. As Gina explains in the blog post: “the minute you start caring about the way somebody uses your idea, that’s when you should seek counsel from an Intellectual Property Lawyer”.

At 36:15, Gina and Conny discuss the importance of being a woman in business, providing advice for young emerging businesswomen. In this part of the podcast, Gina highlights the self-awareness that comes from making the connection between gender and personal interests. Additionally, they touch on how we can avoid making assumptions based on one’s gender. The topic is something that is very relevant and therefore prevalent in current discourse taking place across a number of varying industries, including law.

Subsequently, the podcast broaches all facets of Intellectual Property with a minor focus on women in business that will get you thinking about business development in an in-depth fashion. We are excited to showcase Gina’s knowledge across Intellectual Property and hope you’ll enjoy the podcast as much as we did.

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