Ascendion Law adopts new secure communications policy


Ascendion Law values its clients privacy and confidentiality.  Our clients know that we have built our firm’s infrastructure on a modern, web-based infrastructure.  To operate this infrastructure and ensure that we uphold our client’s confidentiality, we take seriously our role in handling private, sensitive, and confidential information.  We seek to maximize the benefits of operating an online infrastructure, while respecting the need to minimize the attendant risks.  To do that, Ascendion Law takes the following actions to protect our client’s confidentiality online:

  1. We will only use encrypted email to send most emails.
  2. To send significantly sensitive messages, we will send those messages only through secure communication portals.  We will not use email unless the client can assure us that they use encrypted email channels.
  3. We will send sensitive attachments only using encrypted and secure links to our secure content management service. We will not attach files to emails.
  4. If we conduct online research on sensitive topics, we will use the onion router networks to anonymize our traffic.
  5. We will use private networks only to access our office systems.
  6. We will only use information technology solutions that offer 256-bit online encryption access

We have incorporated these policies into our standard form engagement and into the way we serve our clients.  Click here to find out more about how we work with our clients.

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