We work on projects and relationships. We don’t work on hours.


When a client needs us to achieve a specific legal objective, we will always define our scope of services carefully and provide a fixed price for that objective. You will never worry about unexpected increases in scope or price. We tie our fee to the achievement of your objectives.


For clients that enjoy our strategic advice and counsel, we define a scope of services that is provided on an ongoing basis.  We provide 24/7, continuous support to clients online, by phone, or in person. Often, we will create a schedule that allows us to regularly attend our client’s premises to work as in-house counsel. In this role, we support all business operations — HR departments in need of employment law advice, sales departments in need of contract drafting, finance departments in need of securities and lending advice, and operations departments in need of compliance services — to protect organizations and advance their interests. For these engagements, we define an appropriate monthly fee to cover all services.

Special Client Care

All our clients get access to:

  • Their own file management workspace — you will be given access to everything that we are working on, allowing for efficient collaboration;
  • Our project management system — you will know how we are achieving your goals in real-time;
  • Our service management system — you can view your bills, see how we communicate with each other, contribute to our service and project management system, and track our expenses;
  • Our Online Solutions centre — a web-based portal, available 24/7, offering answers to questions that are commonly asked by our clients.
  • Our Document Solutions centre — our clients have access to commonly used document templates. These are the same ones we use. We trust them, we work on them, we stand by them.